San Bernardino Outdoor Activities

San Bernardino Outdoor ActivitiesSan Bernardino has the luck of geography on its side. The fact that this beautiful city is located in California is impressive enough, but then when you consider its proximity to the San Bernardino Mountains, the always-comfortable climate, and the stunning scenery from nearly any vantage point, it's no wonder that nature lovers of all ages love spending time outdoors here, breathing in all of the beauty that is uniquely San Bernardino!

San Bernardino National Forest
Whether your plans are to enjoy an afternoon walk outdoors or a more involved camping trip that will last a few days, you will find plenty of amazing natural beauty in the San Bernardino National Forest. The region encompasses an incredible 660,000 acres of the San Bernardino Mountains with elevations that range from 1,000 feet to the highest point at San Gorgonio at 11,502 feet. Also, the popular Bear Lake is part of the park and offers even more chances to enjoy quality time communing with the area's natural attractions. The lake is perfect for boating, fishing, and swimming and water skiing in the warmer months of the year.

Address: 602 South Tippecanoe Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408 - MAP
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La Plaza Park
Sometimes, you need to take a break with nature. But if your schedule doesn't quite allow you to head out to any of the area's wide open spaces, the next best thing is a quick trip to La Plaza Park in San Bernardino. This urban playspace spans 204 acres and features 5 park benches, 3 picnic tables, as well as a classy gazebo. This is the ideal setting for an outdoor lunch, a meditative walk, or a fun afternoon with the family.

Address: 685 Mount Vernon Ave, San Bernardino, CA - MAP
Phone: (909) 384-5233
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Littlefield/Shultis Park
Quite often, you get that feeling that you need to “get out” for a bit to clear your head and get some fresh air. San Bernardino offers plenty of excellent outdoor destinations to do just that, and one of the most picturesque is Littlefield/Shultis Park. This inviting area features plenty of lush greenery that adorns its impressive 15 acres. The park also features 15 park benches, 2 playground areas, a 35-mile walking track and 2 picnic areas. So if you want to make a whole day of it or just want a natural setting during your lunch break, the Littlefield/Shultis Park is the perfect destination!

Address: 2525 Kendall Way, San Bernardino, CA - MAP
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Glen Helen National Park Lake
Plan an outdoor adventure for a day or a few days when you get set to spend some time at the Glen Helen National Park Lake. There is plenty here for nature lovers of every age to enjoy. There's swimming, fishing, and even an ecological nature trail situated within the mountains that offer an opportunity for scenic exploratory adventure. The scenery from every vantage point is nothing short of breathtaking, so make sure that you're wearing a pair of comfortable shoes in order to take it all in without taxing your feet! And of course, don't forget your camera so that you can capture photos of the many amazing views.

Address: Interstate 15 and Interstate 215, 2555 Glen Helen Parkway, San Bernardino, CA - MAP
Phone: (909) 887-7540
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Big Bear Lake
Make a splash and keep cool when you experience all the outdoor fun that awaits you at Big Bear Lake in San Bernardino. This lake is 6,743-feet-high in the San Bernardino National Forest and is located just two hours from Los Angeles. This secluded mountain valley is perfect for camping, hiking and biking, fishing, swimming and boating or just getting away and enjoying the many scenic lookout points.

Address: San Bernardino, CA - MAP
Phone: (800) 424-4232

Lake Arrowhead Pinnacles
It doesn't matter if you are a highly experienced rock climber or you just enjoy taking in the rustic scenery that all of the incredible formations offer, you will really enjoy visiting the Arrowhead Pinnacles. This outdoor area features many walking, hiking and climbing routes amid some heavily rocky terrain. The area is quite similar to the famous Joshua Tree site and there are many crack and face routes to choose from. Heading up the pinnacle takes about an hour.

Address: Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino County, CA - MAP
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