Hidden Treasures in San Bernardino

Hidden Treasures in San BernardinoFinding something that feels like it is uniquely yours is an experience that can sometimes be hard to describe. Your initial reaction may be to not want to tell anyone of your recent discovery. But over time, you just can't help telling family and friends about your special and unique find. Such is the case with the many unique, out-of-the-way places that you will find in San Bernardino. These specialty shops and destinations all offer something that is far from ordinary. So whether you stumble upon a place that offers unique collectibles, stunning antiques or an excellent cup of coffee, their obvious appeal will make it hard to keep these hidden treasures in San Bernardino to yourself for too long!

Valley Thrift Store
The Eco Thrift in San Bernardino makes looking for bargains a really fun experience. Whether you are searching for clothes, housewares, or other household items, you will find a tremendously inviting selection of items here in this area favorite. Gently used children's clothes and accessories, shoes and even formal attire can all be found here, as well. The store relies on donations from area residents, which means that the selection is constantly changing, so it is well worth it to visit often to find the best deals.

Address: 961 N E Street, San Bernardino, CA 92410 - MAP
Phone: (909) 884-1519
Web: ecothrift.com/san-bernardino

DJ Coffee Shop
When the only thing that will rescue you from that feeling of being sleepy and being tired is a good strong cup of coffee, let DJ's come to your rescue! For years, d.j. Coffee Shop in San Bernardino has been keeping patrons alert in style thanks to their enjoyably strong blend of coffee. But when you come in for your cup of joe, don't stop there. DJ's also offers an excellent menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that are all served in a charmingly vintage diner setting.

Address: 265 E 40th St, San Bernardino, CA 92404 - MAP
Phone: (909) 882-3917
Web: Website