Family Attractions in San Bernardino

Family Attractions in San BernardinoIf you can't remember the last time you took the whole family out for a day of fun, then you know that your clan is highly overdue for some quality time together. If you happen to find yourselves in San Bernardino, rest assured that there will be plenty of excellent attractions and activities to choose from. Everything from outdoor fun and exercise to learning about culture and art and to just relaxing together somewhere different, there is plenty to see, discover and enjoy when you plan a day of family fun activities in San Bernardino.

Blair Skate Park
Roll with it in a good way when you take the kids to enjoy the rollicking fun of skateboarding at Blair Skatepark. Of course it's always safety first at this popular attraction, but fun is a close second as the park is open seven days a week. Kids who are under 13 skate in a supervised area, and all skaters, no matter their age, must wear helmets. There is a concession and sitting area where mom and dad can relax while the kids get their share of concrete surfing.

Address: 1466 W Marshall Blvd, San Bernardino, CA
Phone: (949) 600-5876

La Plaza Park
If your kids like to run around, or maybe they are at the age where they still like to play sports with dad, then plan a day at San Bernardino's La Plaza Park. This is an impressive play space attraction that sprawls out over two acres. It features several park benches and picnic tables as well as a picturesque gazebo where mom and dad can rest in the shade while the kids play ball, enjoy the playground rides, or just run around until they are all out of energy!

Address: 685 Mt. Vernon Ave, San Bernardino, CA
Phone: (909) 384-5233
Web: Website

Fiesta Village Family Fun Center
Getting the attention of everyone in your family is no easy task, but that is exactly what will happen when you take everyone to the Fiesta Village Family Fun Center in San Bernardino. This inventively designed amusement center offers rides, games, challenges and good clean fun for all ages. In addition to the attractions, there are various concession areas where you can gather the kids together for a tasty snack and a bit of a rest before they continue to enjoy the many diversions that this popular family destination has to offer.

Address: 1405 East Washington Street, San Bernardino, CA 92408 - MAP
Phone: (909) 824-1111

Glen Helen Regional Park
Plenty of attraction and activities that will keep the kids moving await the whole family at Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino. There really is so much to do and see here, you will want to set aside a whole day just to experience it all. There's a beach area and lakeside scenery for you to splash around in, beautiful gardens to enjoy, hiking and walking trails that will offer you a unique view of this spectacularly scenic area. There are also events and shows scheduled at various times, so call ahead for the latest performance schedule.

Address: 2555 Glen Helen Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407 - MAP
Phone: (909) 887-7540

McDonald's Restaurant
History never tasted so good as it does when you take the kids to learn about the very first McDonald's restaurant. This pop culture history lesson begins with brothers Mac and Dick McDonald when they first opened their doors to serve their special menu of hamburgers to an unsuspecting public back in 1948. Even though it has grown into one of the biggest brand names in history, see the enterprise's humble beginnings at the Historic Site of the World's First McDonald's Hamburgers museum showcase the humble yet compelling beginnings of the fast food giant. Various items and memorabilia from the franchise's history are on display, a gift shop offers plenty of cool souvenirs, but no food is served at this attraction.

Address: 1398 North E Street, San Bernardino, CA 92405 - MAP
Phone: (909) 885-6324
Web: Website