Arts, Music & Entertainment in San Bernardino

Arts, Music & Entertainment in San BernardinoIf you are starting to feel that your only exposure to anything artistic lately is what you've been seeing on television, you know that it is time to get up off of the couch and experience something new. You can do just that by venturing out and exploring the impressive arts, music and entertainment scene in San Bernardino. Whether you are in the mood to hear a great live band, see a dramatic or comedic stage performance, or even if you prefer to take in something a little more classical, it all awaits you when you buy your ticket for any of the many excellent performances that are being staged in San Bernardino.

Glen Helen Amphitheater
San Bernardino welcomes its share of bands that are on tour, and when they make their stop at the Glen Helen Amphitheater, be ready for a great show. This entertainment venue has been a longstanding live music benchmark in the community, and while it isn't the fanciest or most polished place to see a show, the rugged and somewhat rough surroundings only add to the experience of seeing your favorite rock band take the stage and rattle the walls a bit.

Address: 2575 Glen Helen Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407 - MAP
Phone: (909) 880-6500

The California Theater of Performing Arts
The California Theatre of Performing Arts is the Inland Empire's Premiere Theater and has worked hard to legitimately earn that title. This stunning 1,718-seat auditorium was built in 1928 and continues the legacy by presenting a wide variety of different performances that include legitimate theater, musicals, ballet, recitals, plays, symphony celebrity headliners, fashion shows, corporate seminars, and even graduation and naturalization ceremonies. This entertainment venue continues to proudly serve a population of 26 million people within its 30 mile radius.

Address: 562 West 4th Street, San Bernardino, CA 92402 - MAP
Phone: (909) 885-5152

San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra
The bright flurry of violins and the ominous timbre of the cellos are just a few of the sounds you will hear once the conductor raises his baton over the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra. This highly accomplished group of musicians works hard to bring the best of the classics to audiences in San Bernardino year round. Some of their most notable presentations have been the Orchestral Treasures series, Tchaikovsky's Finest, as well as various seasonal favorites like The Nutcracker.

Address: 198 North Arrowhead Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408 - MAP
Phone: (909) 381-5338